how to earn on gpt sites without surveysPaid surveys can be a great way to make some extra money and many GPT (get-paid-to) sites offer this option. There can however be some reasons you might not want to do surveys, or that you do not have the option.

But there are still good chances of making money on these sites, and in this article I will go into how you can earn on GPT sites without doing surveys.

After reading this article, you will have a good understanding of the other money opportunities these sites have, know how to use them to boost your earnings, and I will also share a few of my favorite GPT sites.

Short intro to GPT sites

Let’s first start with a short intro to GPT sites, in case you do not know what they are. If you already know, you can just scroll down to the next section:-)

The name almost tells what it is about. GPT is short for Get Paid To. So it is sites where you can get paid to participate in different activities. I will go into what kind of activities a bit later.

There a many sites like this, and it can of course be discussed when a site is a GPT site, or when it is another kind of site, where you can also make money. But one thing all legit GPT sites have in common is that they are free to join, and you should never join a site that charges a joining fee. Also, the good ones have pretty good earning opportunities, but the activities will not make you rich. GPT sites is a way to make some nice extra money on the side, but do not expect to make a living from it.

Reasons you might want other options than surveys on GPT sites

I am personally a big fan of paid surveys and think it is a great way to make some extra money. But even though they can be great, there are still reasons to look into other options on GPT sites as well. Some of the main resons can be:

If you do not like taking surveys:
not liking surveysA reason can of course be that you just simple do not like taking surveys, but are still interested in using GPT sites. That is of course a very valid reason, but I also want to mention that a way to become more motivated for doing them can be to think about how it is a great way to have your opinion heard and have influence.



If you do not qualify for surveys very often:
not qualifyingAnother very common reason to look for other options is that you might not be able to qualify for very many surveys. This can be very frustrating, but there can be good reasons for not qualifying, and in some cases there are ways to not get rejected so often. I will not go into all the details about that here, as I have previously written a whole article about how to qualify for more surveys, so you can check that out, if you want to know more.

A reason that you do not qualify can however also be that there is just not a lot of surveys available in your country. The country you live in plays a big part in finding the sites that give good options. So if you live in a country where you have a hard time finding survey opportunities, you can check out my list of survey sites in specific countries to see ,if there should be any for you.

If you already know that there are no good options for surveys in your country, you should definitely still give GPT sites a chance. There can still be great ways to earn there, which I will go into very soon.

If you want to boost your earnings:
boost your earningsNo matter whether you like surveys or not, or if you qualify or not, you might be interested in boosting your earnings. And using some of the many ways to earn on GPT sites can definitely be a way to do this.

So no matter what your situation is, I encourage you to give some of the methods below a chance. I have found some of them to be a great way to increase my earnings.


Other ways to earn on GPT sites

other ways to earn on gpt sitesThere are plenty of other ways to earn on GPT sites than surveys. So there is no reason not to join just because you do not qualify for surveys, or because you do not want to do them. And if you are qualifying for surveys and like doing surveys, it can still be great to look into other ways, as it can really boost your earnings.
The methods below are not a full list of all the earning methods you can find on GPT sites. New methods come up all the time, and different sites have different methods. But the ones below are quite common, and will give you a good idea of the amount of opportunities:

Micro tasks:
Some sites offer the option to do small online tasks. In most cases it is through a portal called CrowdFlower. Most of the tasks take very little time, but will also have a small reward. Over time, you can build trust and start getting higher paying tasks. It is an option that is available for most countries, so definitely worth looking into.

Paid offers:
Paid offers can be a lot of different thing. Most GPT sites have what is called an offer wall, where different online offers are displayed. Here you can often find offers that can really boost your earnings – just make sure to read the conditions before using them. I have written a whole article about paid offers, so check that out, if you want to know more about this option.

Watch videos:
Most GPT sites have the option to watch videos and earn by doing this. Usually this is not a way to make big money, but it is an option that is available to all. I do however mostly recommend only using this option, if you are interested in watching the videos anyways, as it is not a way to earn a lot just for the sake of earning.

Play games:
If you like to play online games, then why not get paid a little to do it. Several sites will give you rewards for playing games on their site.

Free contests:
I like when sites have free contests, and luckily many GPT sites have these. Often these free contests have very nice rewards, and as they are free, there are definitely worth using. In many cases the contests will be announced on the social media channels of the sites, but there are also often contests that you automatically participate in by being an active member on a site.

Cash back offers:
Cash back offers are not so much really a way to earn, but a way to save. Some sites give you cash back, if you shop online, so you have to spend money to get cash back. But if you need to do some online shopping anyways, it can be a great way to get some really big savings.

Click ads:
Clicking and watching ads is another way to earn on several GPT sites. It is not my favorite way of earning, as the rewards for this are not very high, but I still use it regularly on the sites that have this option, as it takes very little time and is very easy.

Download apps:
Some GPT sites offer you to get paid to download apps for your phone or tablet. Sometimes even very nice rewards. Be sure to check the conditions before downloading. Sometimes you just need to download and open the app to get the reward, and other times you have to use it for a certain amount of time.

As you can see, there a plenty of other ways to earn on GPT sites than just surveys. And this is as mentioned not a full list of the options, but just some of the options that are the most popular. So there is a great potential to boost your earnings by using some of these options.

My favorite GPT sites

Now that you have an idea of the potential of GPT sites, I just want to share a few of my favorite GPT sites with you.

swagbucks logoSwagBucks is one of the most popular GPT sites and for good reasons. It has a lot of earning possibilities and has a great joining bonus. You can however only join, if you live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany or France. But if you live in one of these countries, it is one of the sites that will give you very good opportunities.

==>Click to read full SwagBucks review<==

Prizerebel logoPrizeRebel is another of my favorite GPT and survey sites. It has a very good amount of opportunities for many countries, and a great bonus program, where you get more benefits the more active you are. You can join no matter where in the world you live, but the amount of opportunities will vary from country to country.

==>Click to read full PrizeRebel review<==

clixsense logoClixSense is a worldwide site and gives good opportunities in most countries. It does not have as many earning opportunities as the other sites on the list, but it has a good earning potential with the options it has. It also has a great daily activity bonus you can earn.

==>Click to read full ClixSense review<==

InstaGC is another site that is available worldwide, but the opportunities will vary from country to country. It has many ways you can earn, it has some fun and different ways as well, and it has a great weekly bonus, if you are using the site actively.

==>Click to read full InstaGC review<==


Now you should have a good idea about other ways to earn on GPT sites. Either in combination with surveys, or instead of surveys, if you do not have access to these. I do recommend combining the different options and looking into all the different ways you can earn on the sites, you are a member of. It might take a little time to get familiar with a site, but it can really boost your earnings, if you take full advantage of the options.

If you have any comments, questions or any experiences with GPT sites yourself you would like to share, you are as always very welcome to leave a comment below.

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