7 Best Survey Sites that Pay by Check (Yes, They Still Exist)

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When getting paid for doing surveys, it is, of course, important how you can get the money paid out, and to select the sites that offer a method that fits your preferences.

By now, most survey sites and online reward portals pay through online methods or through gift cards.

There are, however, still some survey sites that pay by check, which can also be a great way to get paid. But if you like getting your money by check, it is difficult to find the legit sites that offer this.

I have, therefore, put together a list of the best survey sites that pay by check so you can easily find them and get access to them.

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How does it work?

When you join a survey site or an online reward portal, you can earn by doing surveys, watch videos, do tasks, take online offers, and some sites have several other ways to earn as well.

The sites that offer several ways to earn instead of just paid surveys are known as GPT (get-paid-to) sites. It is a good idea to use some of the different earning methods some of the sites offer as it can really boost your earnings.

Once you have reached a certain payout threshold, you can request a payment. The payment threshold varies from site to site, but on the fastest paying survey sites, it is usually between $1-$10, but on some sites, it can also be a lot higher.

Sometimes you have to select your preferred payout method when you join, and other times you just wait to decide until you have reached the payment threshold and are ready to request the payment. On most sites, you can change your preferred payout method whenever you want to.

Advantages of getting paid by check for taking surveys

To choose check as a payment method for survey sites can have its advantages.

It is a very easy way to get paid, and it is as good as getting cash in your hand. That means you can use your reward for whatever you like and use it in shops, get it exchanged into cash or whatever you want.

The fees to get a check cashed are in some cases also less than using online payment portals, but this depends on your bank and the country you live in. So even though the world is becoming more and more virtual, checks can still be a great payment method and an easy way to get paid – at least for now.

Disadvantages of getting paid by check

The disadvantage of having check as your preferred payout method, when it comes to survey sites, is that fewer and fewer sites offer this option.

Just a few years ago a lot more offered this option. I am guessing that it is a lot easier for them to transfer rewards electronically, and they can avoid a lot of administration this way. So not very many sites still offer this option – but you can definitely still find some good sites that offer this as you will see on the list below.

Another disadvantage is that it can take a bit of time for you to get the reward. If you get paid electronically, you can sometimes have access to the money within a few hours. When you get paid through a check, you have to wait for the survey site to process the payment and actually send it by post to you.

Depending on where you live, it will not take too long, but it can in some cases take a bit of patience.

What about checks in a foreign currency?

check foreign currency

On many survey sites, you get paid in USD. There are some sites that pay in your local currency depending on where in the world you live, and there are also survey sites that in general just pay in another currency.

But if you use a site that is paying in USD or any other currency, and you live in a country where you have a different currency, you have to be aware that the check will probably also be issued in the currency the survey sites use.

That can mean that there will be some extra fees involved in cashing the check, and often also fees for currency exchange. Exactly how much this will be, you have to check with your local bank, as it can vary a lot from country to country and bank to bank.

Also, in some countries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to exchange checks, as banks are using more and more electronic transfers.

In the country I live in, in Scandinavia, the banks for example no longer accept foreign checks at all. This is something to be aware of and make sure to check if you are using a survey site that is paying in a different currency.

Because of this and because of the convenience of getting paid electronically, I personally prefer survey sites that pay through PayPal. But in many cases checks can also still be great, depending on where you live and which survey sites you use.

7 Survey and GPT sites that pay by check

As mentioned already, there are not many survey sites and online reward portals that still pay by check. But of all the ones I have tested, I have found some that are still using check and that are actually worth it and pay out.

To get the most opportunities, it is a good idea to join several sites as they all offer different options and by using several of them, you get more earning opportunities.

#1 – SurveySavvy:

surveysavvy logo

Available in: In theory worldwide
Other payout methods than check: No
Payout threshold: $1
More information: Read full SurveySavvy review

Short summary:
SurveySavvy is, in theory, available worldwide but it is, in my opinion, only really worth joining if you live in the US or UK.

It does not have that biggest amount of available surveys but it has SavvyConnect where you can earn up to $15 per month just by having the app installed – this is really the best way to earn on SurveySavvy.

The only payout method is by check and you can request a payout already when you have earned $1. It is, however, probably a good idea to wait until you have earned a bit sp you do not have to cash of check of just $1.

Join SurveySavvy

#2 – InboxDollars:

inboxdollars logo

Available in: USA
Other payout methods than check: PayPal, e-cards, prepaid Visa
Payout threshold: $30
More information: Read full InboxDollars review

Short summary:
InboxDollars is a GPT (get-paid-to) site that is only available for the USA. If you live here, it gives quite a lot of ways to earn.

You can take surveys, play games, participate in free contests, read emails, watch videos, get promo codes, and more.

You have to earn $30 before you can request a payout through check. Recently InboxDollars also introduced PayPal so you have different options to choose from.

Join InboxDollars

#3 – InboxPounds:

InboxPounds logo

Available in: UK
Other payout methods than check: Gift cards, prepaid Visa
Payout threshold: £20
More information: Read full InboxPunds review

Short summary:
InboxPounds is very similar to InboxDollars and is owned by the same company. This platform is, however, only available in the UK.

It offers you to earn by taking surveys, searching online, invite friends, take paid offers, read emails, and more.

You have to earn £20 to be able to request a payout. You can get your money out by check or get gift cards or prepaid Visa.

Join InboxPounds

#4 – SurveyRewardz:

surveyrewardz logo

Available in: Worldwide
Other payout methods than check: PayPal
Payout threshold: $5
More information: Read full SurveyRewardz review

Short summary:
SurveyRewardz is a very straightforward survey site where you do not find a lot of distractions. Once you join, you get to the members and can see the available surveys.

It does, however, work a bit different than many other survey sites as you can not see a lit of all the survey right away. You see one survey you can try to take. If you do not qualify for that, it will scan for other available surveys. This means it has a good amount of paid surveys but it can sometimes take time to find the ones you qualify for.

SurveyRewardz is available worldwide but it clearly has the most options in English-Speaking countries. In addition to getting paid by check for the surveys you take, you can also get paid through PayPal.

Join SurveyRewardz

#5 – American Consumer Opinion:

acop logo

Available in: Worldwide
Other payout methods than check: PayPal, Hyperwallet
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full ACOP review

Short summary:
American Consumer Opinion is, contrary to what the name might imply, open to all countries. However, by far the most options are for the US.

It does not have the biggest amount of paid surveys of the sites on this list but as an extra site, it can still be worth checking out. In addition to the surveys, you can also sometimes participate in other research products and get entries into prize draws.

You can get your earnings out by requesting a check once you have earned $10, or you can use PayPal, Hyperwallet, or get gifts depending on your preferences.

Join American Consumer Opinion

#6 – PineCone Research:

pinecone research logo

Available in: By invitation only
Other payout methods than check: PayPal
Payout threshold: $3
More information: Read full PineCone Research review

Short summary:
PineCone Research is an unusual survey site as you can only join through invitation. Here on PaidFromSurveys.com we sometimes have such invites and you can find the current ones through the button below.

If you live in a country where they currently accept new members, it is one of the highest paying survey sites as you get a minimum of $3 per survey. You will, however, not get a huge amount of surveys.

You can get paid by check for taking the online surveys after each survey, or you can choose to get the money via PayPal.

Join PineCone Research

#7 – Treasure Trooper:

treasure trooper logo

Available in: Worldwide
Other payout methods than check: Depends on the country
Payout threshold: $20
More information: Read full Treasure Trooper review

Short summary:
Treasure Trooper is quite different from any other survey site I have used. The platform looks more like a cartoon and an adventure movie in the design, and the way you make money is built up in a way to make you feel like you are a part of this adventure world.

It might sound interesting and fun, but it can easily become a distraction, and you easily spend a lot of time “playing the game” instead of making money.

You can join Treasure Trooper no matter where in the world you live. In most countries, you can only get paid by check, with a few exceptions where PayPal is also an option. So if you think that you might want to use PayPal at a later time, be sure to check what is available in your country before spending a lot of time.

Join Treasure Trooper

There you have it – that is the list of the survey sites that I have found that still offers payment by check. Not that many, but at least some are still offering this payment method and many of them are quite good sites with a lot of earning opportunities.

Also, the list will continuously be updated if I find other sites that pay by check, so make sure to bookmark this page and come back and check for new opportunities once in a while.


If you have any comments, questions, or know about a site that pays by check that I do not have on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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  1. Hello Mikael,

    I’ve never been a fan of surveys in general, but I might actually after reading your posts. Do you see survey as a good source of income for gas money? I don’t expect to make a full time income, but I would if it’s worth it for me.

    I have some friends who loves surveys, so I will definitely refer them to your website since you offer good information and recommended sites.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the feedback Eric. Glad you like the info.

      To get some gas money surveys is definitely a good way. As you mention, it will not give a full-time income, but it can give some great extra money on the side, and definitely enough to get some gas money. 

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