Best Online Focus Groups for Money (7 Legit Options)

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Are you looking for the best online focus groups for money?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will show you the best sites that offer online focus groups as an earning opportunity.

As you may already know, joining an online focus group is a great way to earn extra cash. But, you have to make sure you join a site that really pays well and offers ample opportunities.

By reading this article, you do not have to waste time testing a lot of sites to find worthwhile opportunities because I will list down the legit and free sites I have found that are truly worth joining after having tested hundreds of free online earning methods.

I will include a brief description of each site so you can easily figure out which ones will fit your needs.

Online versus offline focus groups

There are two types of focus groups you can earn from, online focus groups and in-person or offline focus groups. Both types offer good earning potential. However, there are a few advantages to choosing online focus groups.

Since the advent of COVID-19, you risk getting infected every time you step outside the house. That’s why, in my opinion, online focus groups have become the preferred way to earn extra cash since you don’t really have to leave your house to earn.

Plus, you also have to consider the transportation expenses if you wish to participate in in-person focus groups. Furthermore, it’s really only plausible to join an in-person focus group if it is being conducted in your area.

That is why, personally, I prefer online focus groups since location will not be a major concern. Plus, you can save on gas/transportation expenses too.

But if you happen to live in an area where research companies are carrying out in-person focus groups, it can also be a great and fun way to earn and meet other people. It all really comes down to your personal preferences and your location.

How much money can you earn?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can earn a decent amount from online focus groups. That’s because this kind of earning opportunity typically requires a bit of time and some effort to do. So naturally, you will be able to earn a significant amount.

I have seen examples where you can earn up to $150 or more per hour if you participate in an online focus group.

However, it’s not very realistic to expect to earn this kind of money from every online focus group you participate in. The more realistic amount would be around $50 to $100 per hour, which is still a pretty good amount.

But, the thing you have to keep in mind with online focus groups is that this kind of opportunity will not be available every day. So, don’t expect to earn this kind of amount on a daily basis. And keep in mind that this is not a way to earn a living. Instead, it’s just a good way to earn some spending money.

Now, I would suggest you join multiple sites if you really want to maximize your earnings from this kind of earning opportunity. By doing so, you will gain access to more opportunities and therefore earn more.

7 Best online focus groups for money

Now that you know what to expect from this kind of earning opportunity, it’s time we discuss the actual sites you can join. Remember that these are not the only sites that offer this kind of opportunity. Instead, these are the sites I think are really worth joining.

I will keep updating this list if I find new sites that are really worth your time, so make sure to bookmark this page and check on it from time to time for new opportunities.

Another thing to note is that this list is not a prioritized list. So, don’t go thinking that the first site on this list is the best one and the last is the worst. It will still all boil down to your preferences and your needs.

#1 – Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is actually mainly known as a paid survey site, and it offers plenty of ways to earn.

From time to time, you will encounter online focus group opportunities, but they will be few and far between though. Usually, you can find maybe around 1 focus group per month.

survey junkie

But since Survey Junkie offers other ways to earn, it’s a good way to earn extra cash. And once you do find a focus group to participate in, it pays very well for your time.

You can get paid in cash through PayPal, bank transfer, or you can convert your rewards to gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, and more. You can also get paid via direct bank transfer if you live in the US.

Survey Junkie also has an app you can use so you can conveniently earn using your mobile device. The downside is, it is only available in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia.

#2 – User Interviews

User Interviews is a website that connects researchers to participants. So, you will definitely find online focus groups to participate in from time to time.

user interviews

To sign up, you can use your LinkedIn or Facebook account or you can also just provide your own login details. You have to apply for a spot in their online focus groups, so there’s no guarantee you can actually earn from every opportunity they post.

They have a decent number of opportunities available at any given time, so there’s a good chance you will find something to earn from.

#3 – Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is primarily a survey site that also offers online focus groups as another way to earn. However, just keep in mind that online focus groups aren’t always available. So, if you encounter one, I would suggest you try to participate immediately.

ipsos i say

Although the opportunity to participate in online focus groups will be few and far between, the good thing about this site is you can still earn by answering surveys. So, you actually won’t run out of ways to earn.

The site is available in many countries too, so there’s a good chance you will be eligible to register as a member of this survey panel. It pays via PayPal and you also have the option to convert your earnings to various gift cards depending on the country you live in.

#4 – FF Focus Group

FF Focus Group offers both online and in-person focus groups. At times, you can also find other paid research activities you can participate in like, for example, interviews, surveys, and product testing.

Some of the studies that take quite a bit of involvement can pay up to $300, but then you will also need to spend quite a bit of time, and most of the opportunities will pay less.

You can get paid in cash or via gift cards, depending on the projects you participate in.

Just be aware that it is only available if you live in the US.

#5 – Respondent

Respondent is a crowdsourcing site that will pay you for participating in research activities. It offers in-person and online research activities, so you will really find online focus groups to join from time to time.


It also has a referral program where you can earn a bit of money for inviting other people to join the site. You will get paid via PayPal every time you successfully participate in a research activity, which is very convenient, in my opinion.

It is available globally, but most of the opportunities are only for English-speaking countries. Therefore, if you live in a country where English is not the main language used, don’t expect to find a lot of opportunities to earn.

#6 – Focus Group by Sago (previously Schlesinger) is a site that offers online surveys and other research activities like focus groups and interviews. However, if you don’t live in the US, then this site is not for you since it is only available to US residents.


You can get paid via Visa cards, gift cards, and PayPal once you’ve earned at least 1,000 points which is equivalent to $10. It has a decent number of online opportunities, but the in-person activities are few and far between.

#7 – Inspired Opinions by Sago / Schlesinger

Another site owned by Sago (previously called the Schlesinger group) that also offers online focus groups is called Inspired Opinions.

It is primarily a survey site that will pay you for completing surveys, but it also offers other research activities that can be done online or in person.

inspired opinions

You can also earn by inviting other people to join the site. Once you complete an earning opportunity, you will receive a Visa gift card, which will be sent to you via postal mail. The worth of the Visa gift card will be indicated in the brief for the activity you participated in.

The downside of this site is that it is only available in the US, so if you are not a US resident, then this site is not for you.

Final Thoughts

That concludes the list of the best online focus groups for money.

Remember that all the options listed above are legit and free to join. You just need to invest your time and some effort because as explained, online focus groups will really require quite a bit of effort on your end.

Now, in order to truly maximize your earnings, I would recommend you join multiple sites so you can gain access to more opportunities to participate in online focus groups.

Now, if you are looking for an easier way to earn extra cash that won’t require a lot of time, commitment, or effort, I would suggest you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead.

If you have any comments, questions, or you know of any site that offers online focus groups for money that you think belongs in this guide, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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