9 Best Sites to Take Surveys for Charity (Or for Cash)

take surveys for charity

Would you like to answer surveys to support a good cause?

Then there are plenty of survey sites that offer this opportunity, and this way you can donate to charities without having to actually pay anything.

Many of the platforms do however also offer you cash to yourself as a reward instead if you prefer this once in a while.

Below, I will show you 9 legit sites where you can take surveys for charities – they are all easy to sign up for, 100% free to join, and you can get started in a few minutes.

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How do you make money for charities on surveys?

How you exactly make money for charities by answering surveys depends on the platforms you join.

However, in short, it can be explained very simple:

  1. You join a survey site that offers donations to charities as rewards.
  2. You start answering surveys, and you will start collecting money that is paid by market research companies.
  3. Once you have earned enough to meet the payout threshold, you choose which charity to donate to.

Every platform has different charities they cooperate with, and they also have different payout threshold.

Below, I will go over the different options for the different platforms, so you can join the ones that fit you the best.

Also, be aware that some of the sites extra ways to earn in addition to taking surveys. These sites are often called GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites. If you join some of these, it can really boost your earnings to use some of these other earning methods.

Can you use your rewards for other things than charities?

If you are wondering, if you can only earn money on survey and GPT sites for charities, then the answer is no.

On many of the sites, you can also choose different rewards, so if you sometimes want to donate to charities and other times want to get the money in cash for yourself, then that is also an option on most platforms.

However, if you mostly want to earn money for yourself, I would suggest you check out the top paying survey sites instead, as the list below is a list of sites that offer good opportunities to donate to charities.

So let’s get to it and go over some of the best sites, that allow donations to charities as a reward for answering surveys.

9 survey sites where you can make money for charities

The list below is not a complete list of all the survey sites that have charity donations as a reward.

But it is a selected list of the sites, I have found that give the best opportunities to take charity surveys in terms of the number of surveys you can take, the amount of money you can make, and the charities you can donate for.

To get the most opportunities, it is best to join several sites so you will get more earning opportunities.

#1 - Swagbucks

swagbucks logo

Available in: All countries but most opportunities in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and France
More info: Read full Swagbucks review

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey and GPT (get-paid-to) sites in the world, as it gives a lot of different ways to earn money. Many people are not aware that in addition to getting paid in cash or gift cards, Swagbucks also has cooperation with a lot of different charities, you can donate your rewards for.

You can earn by taking surveys, watching videos, taking paid offers, surfing the internet, get big discounts on online shopping, participate in free contests, and more.

You can join Swagbucks, if you live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and France. Which charities you can donate to depends on the country you live in, but examples are The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Save The Children, UNICEF, and Doctors without Borders.

You get a joining bonus of $5, and you can donate to charities when you have earned only 5 cents, so you can start donating more or less right away.

Join Swagbucks

#2 - Branded Surveys

branded surveys logo

Available in: US, UK, Canada
More info: Read full Branded Surveys review

Branded Surveys is an easy-to-use survey site with quite a lot of available surveys if you live in the US, UK, or Canada where it is available.

If you mainly want to earn to donate to charity, you just need to be aware that this is mainly possible if you live in the US. In the US, Branded Surveys offers you to donate your earnings from surveys to more than 20 different charities so there are plenty to choose from.

You can donate once you have earned $10 which should not take long to reach. Especially not if you are active regularly as you then get bonuses for the surveys you take.

Join Branded Surveys

#3 - Toluna Influencers

toluna influencers logo

Available in: 60+ countries
More info: Read full Toluna Influencers review

Toluna Influencers has survey panels in more than 60 countries and it also has an app that makes it easy to take surveys on the go.

It offers quite frequent surveys and you can also earn a bit extra by interacting with the community and creating content.

The charities you can donate your earnings to depend on the country you live in, but in most countries, you will have a couple of options to choose from. You can also get your earnings out via PayPal or as gift cards.

Join Toluna Influencers

#4 - Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin Logo

Available in: all countries
More info: Read full Sweatcoin review

Sweatcoin is quite different from the other sites on this list as it is not a survey site. But I still decided to include it on this list because it is a great app to download if you want to donate to charity and you can earn by doing nothing extra than you already do.

It is an app that will pay you simply for walking. You get points for every step you take while having the app installed. So it is very easy to earn. The earning potential is, however, not big but if you want to earn a bit extra to donate to charity, then this is an easy way to do it.

You can donate to quite a few different charities and the projects you can donate to changes regularly. You can also take your earnings out as products.

Join Sweatcoin

#5 - LifePoints Panel

lifepoints panel logo

Available in: 40+ countries
More info: Read full LifePoints Panel review

LifePoints Panel is a fairly new survey site but the company behind has been in the business for years and has a good reputation. It is a site that is very easy to use – you just sign up and then you will start getting email invitations for their surveys.

It gives a decent number of surveys every week and it has panels in the local language in more than 40 countries so this will give you opportunities to take surveys for charity in many countries.

The exact charities you can donate your earnings to depend on the country you live in as it will be charities in your specific country. Usually, you can start donating once you have earned around $10. Alternatively, you can get your earnings out in cash via PayPal or as gift cards.

Join LifePoints Panel

#6 - bUnited

bunited logo

Available in: all countries
More info: Read full bUnited review

bUnited is quite different from the other sites on this list and it is a unique type of reward site. The idea behind this is that it will gather as many members as possible and then be able to make great deals with big companies.

You will then, as a member, be able to get great savings on things you spend money on already like gas, electricity, phone subscriptions, cinema ticket, and more. As a part of there agreements with the companies, they will get them to donate to charities regarding sustainability, and bUnited itself will also donate.

So you help with charity just by participating and getting great deals there. And you can also earn great cash by inviting others to join.

However, you just need to be aware that at the moment of updating this list, bUnited is still in the build-up phase. So exactly how it turns out is still unproven. In my opinion, the idea behind the platform is great but you just have to know that it still does not offer a lot but hopefully, it will soon.

Join bUnited

#7 - Ipsos i-Say

i say logo

Available in: Around 100 countries
More info: Read full Ipsos i-Say review

On Ipsos i-Say you can earn mainly by taking surveys, and you will receive an email when there is a new survey available. It is very easy to use and offers frequent surveys throughout the week.

In addition to earning on surveys, you can also earn on the loyalty program the platform has in some countries, where you earn a bonus the more active you are. Furthermore, i-Say has regular free contests, you can participate in.

Ipsos i-Say is available in around 100 countries, and in most of the countries, it offers a platform and surveys in the local language. One of the reward methods are donations to charities. Which charities and how many you can choose from depends on the country you live in. You can donate once you have earned $10.

Join Ipsos i-Say

#8 - InstaGC

instagc logo

Available in: all countries
More info: Read full InstaGC review

InstaGC has several ways you can earn for your favorite charity. You can of course take surveys, and this is the main way to earn here.

But you can also earn some good rewards by taking offers, downloading apps, surfing the internet, by doing Figure Eight tasks, watch videos, predict sports results, and you can earn weekly bonuses depending on your activity.

You can join InstaGC no matter where in the world you live, but there will be most opportunities for people living in English-speaking countries. You can choose between several reward methods, and one of them is donations to charities. You can choose between around 20 charities, and you can donate as little as 1 cent, so you can start donating right away.

Join InstaGC

#9 - Prolific

prolific logo

Available in: 34 countries
More info: Read full Prolific review

Prolific is a platform where you can participate in scientific research and studies. That means that most of the surveys there are from researchers that need some answers and data.

So there are some quite interesting surveys, but it is not a survey site, where you will get a lot of daily opportunities.

It is available in 34 countries at the moment, and you can either choose to get paid in cash or donate to charities. There are usually a few different charities you can donate to. After each survey, you will be asked, if you want to donate to a charity, or if you want the reward into your Prolific account.

Join Prolific

As you can see, there are some good options to choose from, if you would like to take surveys and donate your rewards to charity. It can be a great way to be able to support the charity by giving your time instead of money. And by participating in surveys, you will at the same time give important input and feedback that can be used to improve products and services.

So now you just need to choose the sites above that fits your interests and need the most, and then start taking surveys. And remember – you can join as many of the sites you want. Joining more sites will naturally increase your chances of earning.


If you have any comments or questions or have experience with any survey or GPT sites that offer charity donations but are not on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

2 thoughts on “9 Best Sites to Take Surveys for Charity (Or for Cash)”

  1. I have been a member of a variety of survey sites for quite awhile and can speak to experiences with i-Say, GlobalTestMarket, and Swagbucks.

    While it is possible to earn rewards, in terms of cash or points, it is also important to note that it will take time to achieve these earnings. Just because you receive an invite for a particular survey, does not necessarily mean you will qualify, and earn rewards for that survey, although some sites may give you a small gift just for trying.

    I will say I did learn something new with your post, as I was not aware that there are sites where you can take surveys and donate your earnings to charity. While it may sound like a great idea to sign up for a lot of sites at once, it can quickly become overwhelming to get a large number of invites in your inbox every day.

    Thanks for an informative post!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your comment. Very true that there will often be surveys you do not qualify for. After a while and with a bit of experience, it is however possible to figure out which surveys you are most likely to qualify for and just focus on those.

      I agree that it can be overwhelming to sign up for too many sites at the same time. Very good point. I usually recommend to sign up for 4-6 for a start to have a good amount of opportunities, but still not be overwhelmed. If you sign up for too many, chances are that you will not give them they time you need to figure out how to get the most out of them.

      Once you get used to doing surveys and find out how the sites work, then it is possible to sign up for several more without being overwhelmed.  

      All the best,


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