can you trust paid survey sites reviews featured

Can You Trust Paid Survey Sites Reviews? (Full Truth)

Online paid surveys have become a popular way to make some extra money and there are hundreds of survey sites. Because of the many available sites, there are also a lot of people posting reviews about them. But can these paid survey sites reviews be trusted? The short answer to …

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mobrog review header

Is Mobrog Legit or a Scam? (An Insider’s Review)

Online paid surveys can be a great way to make some extra money and have your opinion heard at the same time. One site that claims to offer this opportunity is But it is important to find the right survey sites to get the most out of it and …

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need a substitute for paypal featured

Need a Substitute for PayPal? 4 Easy Alternatives

If you need to receive or send money online or need to use an online payment platform, you have probably heard about PayPal. But for some people, PayPal is not a good option and luckily there are alternatives. This article will help you find a substitute for PayPal, and will …

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how to make your own survey for free featured

How to Make Your Own Survey for Free – 4 Easy Tools

If you have read any of my other articles here on this website, you will know that I am a big fan of doing paid surveys and making a bit of extra money this way. But it can in some cases also be very useful to know how make one …

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timebucks review featured

TimeBucks Review: Making Bucks or Wasting Time? (2021 Guide)

If you have heard about TimeBucks, you probably know it is an online reward portal and survey site. But is TimeBucks legit and a site that can really make you some extra bucks, or is it a scam that is just a waste of time? I have tested the platform …

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what is a payza account featured

What is a Payza Account – A Legit Payment Platform?

Payza can be used for a number of different things. I first heard about Payza because several of the survey sites I am using offer Payza as a payout method. But what is a Payza account, and what else can you use it for, and is it even a platform …

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is points2shop a scam featured

Is Points2shop a Scam? The Truth Before Joining (Inside Look)

Points2shop is an online reward portal, where you can earn points in many different ways and exchange these for rewards. But is Points2shop a scam or a legit site worth joining? I have joined and tested it thoroughly myself and have compared it with the hundreds of other sites I …

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goldopinions review featured

GoldOpinions Review – Worth It? (Spot the Warning Signs)

Online paid surveys can be a great way to make some extra money and is a very popular way because it is so easy to get started and usually does not take any investment at all. claim they are the right site to join if you want to make …

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take surveys for amazon gift cards featured

32 Best Sites to Take Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards (2021)

Online survey sites offer you the chance to earn rewards for answering surveys and giving feedback. The rewards you can get vary from site to site. Examples of rewards are products, cash, vouchers, credits for different services, etc. One of the popular rewards that sites also often offer is Amazon …

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is usertesting legit review header

Is UserTesting Legit or a Scam? (An Insider’s Review) is a platform where you supposedly as a consumer can give feedback to companies about their websites and get paid for the feedback. But is UserTesting legit and worth the time, or is it just another scam? Let me just reveal right away that it is a legit site, …

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how to get paid for your opinion featured

How to Get Paid for Your Opinion – 3 Easy Ways

Since you are on this page, you have probably heard that it is possible to make money by sharing your opinion, and are curious about how it works. I have myself been earning some side money like this for several years now. There are several ways to do this, and …

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make money with google rewards app featured

Make Money With Google Rewards App – Is it Possible?

If you like to do surveys and make a bit of money on the go, you have maybe heard about Google Rewards App. But what is Google rewards app, how does it work, what are the opportunities with it, and is it even worth it? I have downloaded it and …

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legitpaidonlinesurveys review featured Review: Does it Really Work?

There are many great paid survey sites, where it is possible to make some nice extra money. But there are also many that are not worth joining and many scams. An important aspect of is not only to show and give advice about the good sites but also to …

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is memolink legit feat

Is Memolink Legit or has it Turned into a Scam?

If you have heard of Memolink, or are a member of the site, you have probably seen that their has recently been a lot of problems with their website. But does that mean that Memolink is a scam or is it a legit site that is just experiencing a few …

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gift hunter club review

Gift Hunter Club Review: Legit or Scam? (Inside Look)

Have you heard about Gift Hunter Club and want to know if it is a legit survey and Get-Paid-To site worth joining or a scam site to stay away from? It is always good to look into this before joining any survey or Get-Paid-To (GPT) site, as there, unfortunately, are …

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Speak up surveys featured

Speak Up Surveys – Where to get Paid the Most? (Guide)

If you are a member of paid survey sites, you have probably seen surveys from Speak Up Surveys. What you might not know is that there can be quite a difference in the rewards you get for Speak Up Surveys depending on the platform you take them through. In this …

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best survey sites in the UK header

40 Best Survey Sites in the UK in 2021 (Start Earning Today)

If you want to make some extra money online, taking paid surveys and doing other online micro-tasks is a great and easy way to do this. And if you live in the United Kingdom, you are lucky. The UK is one of the countries that gives access to the most …

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what is a skrill account featured

What is a Skrill Account and What Can You Use it for?

When spending or making any kind of money online, it can be very useful to use one or several online payment platforms. I personally use them as a way to get paid from survey sites, but they can also be used for many other purposes. They make it easy and …

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prizebebel review is prizerebel legit

PrizeRebel Review 2021: Legit or Scam? (Full Guide + Tips)

If you are looking for a free way to make some extra money online, you have maybe come across PrizeRebel which is one of the big Get-Paid-To (GPT) and survey sites. But is PrizeRebel legit and a site worth joining, or is it a scam where you will not earn …

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how to make money on the side featured

How to Make Money on the Side – Get Started Today

If you could use some extra cash, there are quite a few ways you can do this online. However, it is important you know what you are getting into and choose the method that fits your expectations and the time you have. In this article, I will, therefore, explain how …

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is bigspot com a scam review header

Is a Scam or Legit? (Learn the Ugly Truth) at first looks like a great website to earn some extra money by taking paid surveys. You have maybe even seen the Bigspot TV commercials claiming this is possible. But is a scam, or is it really a legit and easy way to get paid for your opinion? Let …

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Swagbucks Review Header

Is Swagbucks a Scam or Legit? (2021 Review + Full Guide)

Swagbucks is one of the biggest names when it comes to survey sites and GPT sites (Get-Paid-To). But being a big company is not always a sign of quality. So is Swagbucks a scam or is it really a legit and great way to make money online? I have used …

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is Click 4 surveys a scam featured

Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam? Learn the Ugly Truth (Warning)

There are many opportunities to make money on surveys online, but unfortunately not all sites are legit. I am guessing you are here on this page because you have heard of Click 4 Surveys and are wondering “is Click 4 Surveys a scam, or can I actually make a good …

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is panelplace legit review

Is PanelPlace Legit or a Scam? Detailed Panel Place Review

On its website, PanelPlace claims that it is a place for you to earn, learn and more. But is PanelPlace legit and a way to really earn extra money, or is it a scam? And what can you learn there, and what does “more” refer to? In this PanelPlace review, …

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paidviewpoint review featured

PaidViewpoint Review – a Unique Opportunity (For Some)

If you are looking for a site to earn some extra money by taking surveys, it is likely you have heard about PaidViewpoint. But is PaidViewpoint legit and really a way to earn or a scam site to stay away from? I have tested it thoroughly and have been a …

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craigslist survey sites featured

Craigslist Survey Sites – Why You Should be Careful When Joining!

If you are a user of Craigslist and interested in working from home, you have probably seen many ads there for paid surveys. Many survey sites advertise there, but are these sites worth joining and are they even legit? The short answer is that some of them might be, but there …

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clixsense payout methods

ClixSense Payout Methods – Find the Best Option for You

ClixSense can be a great platform for making some extra cash. An important aspect is of course then how you can get the money you make paid out. There are currently 5 ClixSense Payout Methods, and they have different advantages and possibilities. They are all are free to sign up for, …

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importance of honesty when doing paid surveys header

The Importance of Honesty When Doing Paid Surveys [Guide]

When doing online paid surveys, it can sometimes be tempting to just finish the surveys as quickly as possible without really seeing what you are answering. This way, a survey will not take very long, and you will quickly be able to make a bit of extra money. But honesty …

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legit survey panels that pay through paypal

50 Legit Survey Sites that Pay Through PayPal (2021 List)

When taking paid surveys online, you can get paid in many different ways – for example, in cash, products, Bitcoin, or gift cards. Many people (including myself) prefer getting paid in cash when taking surveys. One of the easiest ways to get your cash paid out from survey sites is …

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cashsurveysonly com review header Review – a Panel to Stay Away From? is a site that advertises itself as being able to teach you how to make an online income from home through paid surveys. The site claims that you will be able to make enough money to stop worrying about where your money comes from and to buy all the …

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hide ip address with vpn for surveys headline

Can a VPN Hide Your IP Address When Doing Surveys?

As you are probably aware, there are certain websites and online services you can only access from certain countries – this also goes for paid survey sites. For some countries, the opportunities can be quite limited. It can, therefore, be tempting to consider hiding your IP address by using a …

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is global test market a scam

GlobalTestMarket Review (Now Closed – The Best Alternatives)

If you have heard about paid surveys, there is a great chance you have also heard about GlobalTestMarket. But is GlobalTestMarket a scam or is it a legit survey site where you can make good money? I have used and tested the site for a long time, and in this …

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cheat survey sites with automatic survey taker featured

Can You Cheat Survey Sites with an Automatic Survey Taker?

If you have done paid online surveys, you have maybe had the thought that it would be great to be able to have someone else do all the work for you and still get paid. One option many people look into is getting a robot do the work for you …

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best online paid surveys for teens featured

20 Best Online Paid Surveys for Teens (2021 List)

Paid surveys and online reward portals can be a great way to make some extra money or earn free stuff. There are many sites that offer good opportunities for this, but most of them do not allow you to participate if you are below 18 years old. Luckily there are …

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pureprofile review header

Pureprofile Review + Rating (NOT Worth It for All)

Pureprofile claims to be a site where you can answer questions, have your opinion heard, and earn rewards. But is Pureprofile a scam or is it one of the legit and worthwhile survey sites? I have joined and tested hundreds of online survey sites and Pureprofile is a site I …

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why participate in surveys header

Why Participate in Surveys? Reasons Beyond Money

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in surveys online. But why participate in surveys? Is it just a waste of time and effort, or are there really good reasons to participate? I have taken thousands of online surveys and tested hundreds of paid survey sites over the past years. …

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What is MintVine Surveys featured

MintVine Surveys Review (Closed – See Alternatives)

If you are looking to do online surveys, you have maybe heard about MintVine. But what is MintVine surveys, is it a legit site, who can join the site, and is it even worth joining? In this MintVine review, I will answer these questions, so you will have the necessary …

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What is Take surveys for cash featured

Is Take Surveys for Cash Legit? (The Ugly Truth Revealed)

If you are interested in making money online and have heard about paid surveys, you have maybe seen ads for But is Take Surveys for Cash legit or is it a survey scam to stay away from? I have used paid survey sites for years, and I can quickly …

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how to earn money online for free header

How to Earn Money Online for Free (Yes, It Is Possible)

If you are looking to make money online, you have probably found out that most ways take some investment. But is it possible to make money without having to spend a lot of money on something you do not even know if works or if it is a scam? Let …

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are univox community surveys worth the time

Are Univox Community Surveys Worth It? (In-Depth Review)

If you are interested in taking online surveys for money, you might have heard of Univox Community. But are Univox Community surveys worth it and really a legit way to earn, or a scam that is just a big waste of time? I have thoroughly tested the site myself, and …

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WA premium membership featured

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

Some time ago, I wrote a post about the possibility to make a full-time income online by making a website. In that article, I mentioned the option to get qualified training by signing up for a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. This training platform also has a paid membership, if …

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do survey sites sell my information header

Do Survey Sites Sell My Information? (Guide to Avoid It)

If you have ever joined a paid survey site, you will also know that you need to provide some personal information to join. But will your personal information be sold, and result in you receiving a lot of spam? Or what do they do with this information? This might be …

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how to make a full time income online

How to Make a Full Time Income Online (Is it Even Possible?)

If you have visited my website before, you will know that I am usually writing about how to make money on paid surveys and GPT sites. Today I will, however, be focusing on something a bit different. I often mention in my articles that doing paid surveys can be a …

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is ysense a scam review header

Is ySense Legit or a Scam? (2021 Review + Full Guide)

ySense (previously ClixSense) is one of the big names when it comes to survey sites and Get-Paid-To sites. But is ySense a scam or is it a legit opportunity to make some extra money online? I am myself a long-term member of the platform and have tested it thoroughly and …

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how to qualify for more surveys header

How to Qualify for More Surveys? (Guide to Succeed)

If you are taking online paid surveys, you have probably tried to be rejected for surveys. Sometimes it can maybe even feel like you are disqualified for most surveys and you are getting frustrated about this. Let me just start by saying that it is perfectly normal not to qualify …

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